The height of a split rail fence depends on the number of rails. For instance, the 2-rail fence is about 36″ high, whereas the 3-rail can be about 48″ and the 4-rail fence can reach about 60″ in height.

Post and rail fencing are very popular fencing options, especially for animals such as horses. In this case, the height is that of about 1.2 m. Together with the fence posts, the total height can be that of 1.8.

split rail fence Denver

A split rail fence Denver builder says that these type of fences are also known as a zigzag fence, snake fence or a worm fence. They are made of timber logs and have decorative or agricultural purposes.

The post and rail type of fencing is recommended for livestock, but can also be used for demarcating a certain territory. Split rail fencing can help create a rustic look and can offer very good visibility. At the same time, it can be very sturdy.

Split rail fences can be stained in order to get a fresher look. This type of fencing requires fewer materials, therefore are more affordable. They need no maintenance, and can be easily installed in just one day by only two people. Also, they have a charming, traditional look.