Beautifully crafted cedar fences offer an attractive combination of aesthetic appeal and lasting durability. Cedar wood is one of the most commonly used woods for fence building due to the fact that it is both strong and stylish. The wood is naturally weather-resistant and contains natural oils which help to keep it from decay. Additionally, it has a slightly silky feel, making it very pleasant to the touch.

Aesthetically, cedar wood is very appealing with its pale-yellow hue and smooth grain. Its color and texture can be enhanced with the application of a finish or a stain which further brings out its attractive characteristics. These features make it a great choice for outdoor fencing which will be long-lasting and attractive.

Strength and durability

Cedar’s strength and durability are the result of its natural oils and fibers. Its natural oils help protect it from molds, mildews, and rot. Cedar’s tight knots make it resistant to cracking and splitting, which is an important factor in fence building. It is also less likely to rot, warp, or crack than other woods, making it a very long-lasting choice.

Low maintenance

Cedar is resistant to splintering and insects, like termites, and it is also strong enough to withstand wind and other harsh weather conditions. It can actually stand up to decades of use.

Customization and installation

Installing a cedar fence can be a great way to upgrade the look of your outdoor space and to keep pets and children safe from wandering off. Choose from pre-built panels or have a custom fence built to match your exact specifications. Professional Ozark Fence contractors can provide experienced installation and repair services, making the fencing process hassle-free.

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