There are plenty of practical uses for a fence: to gain privacy, safely corral kids and pets, block wind and noise, and prevent unsupervised dips in a swimming pool. But the right type of fence also makes a strong aesthetic statement, improving a home’s curb appeal.

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Going back 400 years, the favorite fencing material in this country has always been wood. In 2017 alone, Americans put up 59,000 miles of it, enough to circle the globe twice, and then some. Why wood? It’s inexpensive and lightweight, to be sure, but so is chain link. The main reason is that a wood fence can easily be shaped to give your property character.

Why Choose a Wood Fence?

You can choose from dozens of wood fence types, including linear post and rail and crisscrossing lattice, wooden framed chain link fencing, as well as a myriad of picket patterns and post-cap designs.

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Split rail fences and picket fencing are classic designs that have an old-world charm and have maintained their popularity. Those who are in need of farm or ranch fencing would benefit from a wood ranch rail style fence. Wood fences are very diverse and can have a rustic look and feel or be as modern as any other fence material. Any style you choose will be sure to add interest and security to your back or front yard.

There are many popular types of wood materials used for fencing. Some of the most popular being cedar fencing (which includes red cedar and white cedar), pinewood, oak, cypress, and redwood fencing. And you can stain the wood to make it pop out or recede from the landscape as either a vibrant or subtle frame for what’s behind it, and what you want it to represent.

Wood fence maintenance requires a bit more attention and time than other materials like wrought iron, but no more than a composite fence (like a Trex fence) would. Wood fences should be cleaned yearly and re-stained or resealed every 2-5 years. But the price tag on wood fences is very attractive to most homeowners who are considering replacing their residential fence. Wood is a moderate fencing cost compared to other fence materials like vinyl fencing, aluminum, and wrought iron fencing.

What About a Cedar Fence in Denver or elsewhere in Colorado?

Generally the lifespan of a cedar fence is similar to a pressure-treated wood fence. Western red cedar is popular for fencing lumber due to its look, longevity and strength to hold up to our weather extremes. Wester red cedar contains natural oils that help protect it from weather and insect damage. We install, stain and seal cedar fencing as desired, so you can enjoy the natural style, privacy and security of a cedar fence for years to come. Contact us for an estimate on your cedar fence. We offer a wide range of options to build and suit almost any budget.


The team at Ozark Fence are experts in residential and commercial fencing. So if you’re looking for a new wood fence for your home or business, call the locally owned fence installation contractors at Ozark Fence. We only do high-quality fences, even if you’re looking for the most affordable fence. We’ve been serving and delivering beautiful custom fences in Denver since 1985. We provide service from Highlands Ranch to Commerce City, all along the front range. Give us a call and request an estimate and get your fencing priced today.

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