Having a fence installed doesn’t sound like it would raise a lot of concerns, but a lot goes into the process of placing a professionally installed fence. A lot of people aren’t fully aware of what the exact installation process consists of, the time frame, or the specific details about what happens during the installation.

Learning about what will take place during your fence installation in Denver can help you know ahead of time the important details to make your experience perfect. Nearly every common misunderstanding or mistake during a fence installation could have been solved with a little more education beforehand!

4 Things To Expect During Your Fence Installation

Don’t be surprised if one of these happens during your fence installation! These are all normal occurrences during this process, and the professionals handling your fencing job have dealt with this all before.

It’s A Dirty Job!

Don’t be surprised to have a muddy, dirty yard for a little while. Your installation workers were trekking back and forth, breaking the ground, and doing lots of work that can uproot the Earth. The ground under the fence may not be entirely even for a bit, leaving some minor gaps along the bottom edges. Keep all of this in mind while the job is in process, and maybe leave a rug out for them in case they need to come inside.

Watching the weather before the install can also help keep the muddy, dirty issue at bay, too.

More Than One Trip Necessary

Having an estimator come out to your property to give you a quote for a fence and install isn’t going to be the first trip you have during the process. There will need to be dimensions and sizing recorded, a carpenter to check the distances, and then the installation days. This isn’t always a quick process – one day may be dedicated to setting the posts, the next day finishing the project up.

Ask beforehand about the time frame estimate and how many trips they think will be needed. This way you can plan your own activities around their arrival.

Questions About Your Underground Pipes

The responsibility of your underground framework and piping is all on your shoulders. The installation company will most likely have you sign a waiver stating you will not hold them accountable for any damage to underground property.

You need to make sure the installation experts are aware of anything under the surface of the ground to avoid damaging it. Ultimately, the location of the fence is your decision, so the safety of the underground property is in your hands.

Lots Of Double-Checking

At the end of the day, your installation experts are just trying to do what you want them to do when placing your fence. The goal is for your happiness, so they will do all they can do to get it right. For us, that means asking questions, going over measurements, and double-checking all the installation points in your yard.