Even if they may seem elements designed to ensure privacy and security, fences can also bring significant aesthetic value to a property, and when they are made from durable materials and have optimal sizes, they can have a very long life span.

The longest-lasting fences include:

Wrought iron fences

Wrought iron fencing Denver CO designers confirm that a wrought iron fence is great for old and modern properties, ensuring elegance and style. Wrought iron is more resistant to rust than ordinary iron because it is an alloy. Iron is mixed with slag, which is fibrous, providing strength. With regular maintenance, you can enjoy such a metal fence for several decades, making it a sustainable choice.

Wrought iron fencing Denver CO

Concrete or walled fences

Walled or concrete fences may seem claustrophobic to some, but they are some of the best solutions to protect privacy and safety.

These fences are cast in a solid form and therefore will not rot, but will be resistant to fungi and mold. They also withstand extreme weather conditions, which makes a walled or concrete fence a durable and cost effective option.


The hedge is an ideal choice when you want a durable fence, and eco-friendliness and natural appearance are your priorities. It is often much cheaper than a classic fence and looks good around any type of property, keeping prying eyes at a distance and providing protection from the wind. However, it may take some time to have a fully grown hedge and once you do, it requires regular pruning.