Typically made of wood, split rail fencing is a great choice for countryside homes, whether to establish the area where you’ll be keeping a certain type of farm animals, or to surround your entire property and establish where the boundaries are.

Split rail fencing is not so much designed for security as it is as a visual aid and to keep animals in or out of your property. A lot of larger animals like bulls and horses can be kept within the boundary of this type of fence, and by combining it with a small chain link fence, you can also ensure that smaller animals will have a harder time getting through, unless they jump the fence or dig below it.

split rail fence company in Denver

An affordable split rail fence company in Denver let us know that some split rail fence systems are also designed to be taller and can be turned into privacy fences. The strong cedar or other type of wood used for the fence will add a certain level of durability and security, and the framework of the fence makes it an ideal choice for areas where you can expect strong weather.

Best of all, split rail fencing is also very stylish and beautiful in its own natural way. You can consider it for curb appeal, as well as to add greater value to your property when you plan to sell it.