horizontal wood fence Denver design

A horizontal fence is a property delimiter that uses boards installed horizontally between poles that are set at longer distances between them. Horizontal wood fences Denver fences offer numerous benefits compared to the fences that use vertically positioned boards – here are some:

  • A more economical solution – horizontal fences are suitable for being used in front of the property as well as for delimiting the plot around the back and they require less material than vertical ones, therefore they are more economical and, ultimately, cheaper as well;
  • Versatile horizontal wood fences Denver design options – the structure allows for freely determining the spacing between the slats – if you choose wider spacing, you can create an attractive, sleek fence that allows passers-by to peep in and to see what is going on around your house, while a denser configuration allows you to create an attractive privacy fence;
  • Varied material choices – horizontal fences can be built from one material as well as from combinations. The most attractive solutions include wood slats and cement or metal posts or wood boards installed into strong metal frames, but the combinations that use metal or concrete and boards made from synthetic materials, such as composite or PVC are also very attractive and popular;
  • Durability – horizontal fences are sturdier and more resistant, therefore they last longer than traditional, vertical installations.