wood fence builders in Denver

Most homeowners prefer a traditional wooden fence around their home. It has a timeless look and, with proper care and maintenance, it is very sturdy and has a long lifespan. However, the resilience of your fence depends on the type of wood you choose.

According to leading wood fence builders in Denver, these are some of the best woods for outdoor use:

  1. Cedar

With its maroon grain and reddish-brown color, cedar wood is both beautiful and strong. The secret to its endurance outdoors is the red pine oil it contains. It is a natural chemical that repels bugs and has a pleasant aroma at the same time.

Please note, however, that cedar wood is not naturally resistant to humidity and rot. A coating of clear sealant will expand its lifespan and preserve its natural beauty at the same time. This is a great option for an average to large fencing budget.

  1. Redwood

Strong and beautiful – these are the two main qualities of redwood. This is the best type of wood for fences and outdoor wooden furniture. Just like cedar, redwood contains the insect repellent red pine oil. It also contains high levels of tannin, making redwood more rot-resistant than other types of woods.

Given its properties, redwood is the most expensive type of wood for fences.

  1. Pine

If you are on a budget, pine is the choice for you. While it does not have a very long lifespan (around 15 years), it has a great look and offers good value for your money. It does not have a spectacular natural aspect, so you can choose painting it in any color you prefer.