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The idea of planting flowers alongside a wooden fence has been considered an inspired one for quite a while. Cedar fences are no exception. You’ll find that it can look much more imposing and impressive when you choose the right types and colors for the flowers and bushes that you plant alongside it.

The varieties of flowers you could plant along a cedar fence will depend a number of factors:

  • Is your fence more of a privacy fence, or would you rather use it as a small fence that is just meant to be fashionable and to establish the boundaries of your property? You can plant a variety of colorful flowers in the latter option, while the former should be reserved for smaller flowers and bushes that are just meant to create a type of background styling effect.
  • Will you paint your fence with a specific color? The colors of the plants and flowers you choose should generally complement the color of your fence in perfect harmony. If, for instance, you paint your cedar fence white, then you can choose a blend of darker varieties of both warm and cool colors for your flowers.
  • Choose brighter colors for your flowers when you opt to just use a transparent or a dark stain on your cedar fence. The bright colors will complement the soft, natural colors of your fence and make it stand out.

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