When the summer comes, the sudden storms and the intense sunlight can do a number on most installations, including your fences. A split rail fence, especially if it’s made out of wood, can be easily influenced by the elements.

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If you don’t take proper care of it, you might find yourself having to repair it pretty often or spend a lot of money on having it replaced.

To protect your split rail fence in the summer, top split rail fence Denver contractors suggest a few good methods you can use:

  • Painting your fence or covering it in a layer of protective coating can help. The layer of paint will help protect your split rail fence and ensure that the UV rays from the sun will not affect it too badly. This simple measure can also protect from mold, mildew and various pests.
  • You should also consider inspecting your fence for mold. If your area has a problem with humidity then mold can form pretty easily, so you’ll have to check up on your wooden fence more often to make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Make sure you fix broken parts of your fence more often in the summer. The areas where the fence is broken can not only lead to farm animals running away and getting lost, but it can also expose part of your fence to the elements. The broken part is not covered by coating, so it can easily develop mold or become a home to parasitic insects.