The differences between vinyl fence in Denver compared to chain link are subtle, but essential. You can’t truly make a decision for what is best for your location, be it residential or commercial, without first fully understanding the pros and cons for each type of material. What works for you is a unique, specific choice, but we’re fully prepared and eager to help you with any of your fencing needs in Denver. The first step; decide your preferred fencing of choice!

Vinyl Fencing

A lot can be said for this popular fencing material, and at Ozark, we see a lot of satisfied clients when they choose vinyl.


Many consumers and homeowners choose vinyl fencing due to its extreme durability. This material type holds up against age, weather, general wear & tear, plus environmental changes. It’s a dependable option, and it’s appearance holds up as much as it’s structure over time with fade-resistance.

Plus, the sheer amount of variety that vinyl fencing provides when compared to the consistent aesthetic of chain link is another top selling point. Colors, shapes, sizes, and even texture at times can be customizable, which makes this option easier to blend and style with your landscape.


Of course, not everyone jumps at the chance to get ahold of vinyl for their fencing. These installations aren’t always as simple, and you will need to stay on top of cleaning, or there may be a mold buildup on the PVC after a few months. Finally, excessively cold weather may make the material brittle.

Chain Link Fencing

As one of the most popular choices for fencing in Denver, and throughout America, this material has a lot going for it, but there is a reason so many alternatives exist!


Chain link has proven to be more cost effective, often being offered as a cheaper alternative to vinyl.

Installation for chain link is also very simple, quick, and cheap.

Overall, chain link fencing is a great choice for those who want to buy it ‘n forget it!


Believe it or not, you may run into trouble with chain link when it comes to what your neighborhood association allows, or even your business areas if making a commercial design choice. Chain link, due to its unattractive nature, is banned in some areas of Colorado or discouraged upon due to popular preference.

The natural elements of weather and the outdoors will break down your chain link fence faster than vinyl, especially when rain and snow are considered.

Finally, if you’re a pet owner, your furry friend may have an easier time executing an escape plan through chain link over the vertical slots vinyl provides!

The Verdict

Each of the two suggested fencing materials come with their own unique sets of benefits and drawbacks. Just like any other fencing choice, such as wood or iron, you need to analyze the circumstances your fencing falls under to determine the best route. Aim for durability, aesthetic connection, cost efficiency, and adequate protection and privacy as desired. Next, contact us at Ozark Fencing to get started!