vinyl fence denverBoth PVC fence and vinyl fencing Denver have the advantage over wood fences when it comes to maintenance. We all know maintenance can be taxing in Denver. While wood needs to be repainted, stained, or have broken parts replaced, a PVC or vinyl fence can be easily cleaned with soap and hosed down with water.

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It tends to be easy to clean, resists weathering, and has low maintenance requirements. They are practically maintenance-free. However, it also can be more expensive than comparable materials, and cheaper products can be less sturdy than more traditional fence materials. In the case of PVC pipes, however, its broken or cracked pieces may have to be replaced at some point.

In terms of design, the difference between a homemade PVC fence and a Denver vinyl fence one may be glaringly obvious. Regardless of how creatively the PVC fence is fashioned, it would still look like a series of connected pipes. Vinyl fences are specially molded to match the landscaping theme of the property or the needs of its owners by the number of styles: privacy, picket, ornamental, split rail and several others. Then we have the colors. Most of them, though, still come in classic white.

Vinyl fencing does cost more than a chain-link fence or a wooden fence, but their curb appeal and low-maintenance features are often worth the higher price tag. A synthetic fence, plastic fence, or (when made of vinyl) vinyl or PVC fence is made using synthetic plastics, such as vinyl (PVC), polypropylene,[1] nylon,[2] polythene (polyethylene) or from various recycled plastics. Synthetic fencing was first introduced to the agricultural industry in the 1980s as a low cost/durable solution for fencing horses.

Styles of Vinyl Fencing

A synthetic fence is generally available preformed, in a wide variety of styles. The style choices that homeowners have today for vinyl fencing is nearly endless.

Some of the more popular and simple styles like a vinyl privacy fence panel. Vinyl privacy fence panel fencing is generally what people think of when they want privacy fencing. Vinyl privacy fences have different panel types that range from solid privacy to semi-privacy fence panels. Vinyl privacy fence panel fences can also have more intricate designs and include a lattice top or a closed picket top, which still provides security and a safe enclosure, but added visual interest.

Other vinyl fencing styles include rail fences, also known as ranch rail fencing, are a simple design, but can be quite striking. Rail fences gained their popularity on ranches as horse fences, but have made their way to the average residence because of their open feel. Ranch rail fencing can be done with as many rails as four or as few as two rails.

Another very common and classic style of vinyl fencing is vinyl picket fencing. Even though picket fences are quite straightforward, there are quite a few options for homeowners these days. The vinyl posts and pickets can be done either straight or scalloped, and there are many options to make your picket fence have a more contemporary feel. Picket fencing can be designed and installed with several styles of vinyl fencing posts and picket caps. Picket caps come in an array of styles, from ornate to modern and simplistic.

There are also many fence accessories to add interest and even functionality to your fence. Fence accessories include solar post caps and decorative post cap styles that can even be done in different materials like wrought iron. Many people even use vinyl posts for adding a porch railing to their patio. Color choices are available in white, tan, adobe, and maple. Vinyl product is even available with wood grain texture to add depth and interest to your vinyl fencing product.

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