Chain link is a low-cost, durable and resistant material that is mostly used for perimeter fencing in areas that don’t need an aesthetic fencing solution.

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However, the see-through construction of chain link can be efficiently used for highlighting properties even from the front – chain link fences Denver installation specialists confirm that there are some unique uses of the material that transform the fence made from it into a stylish delimiter, while also preserving the material’s durability and excellent performance:

  • A base for trellis fence – chain link works great as a base and support structure for climbing plants, such as wisteria. If you choose the solution, you will probably need some patience – it might take a couple of years for your climbing plant to cover the chain link base completely;
  • Chain link in a metal frame – whether you choose a frame composed of smaller or larger individual sections, your framed chain link fence will protect and delimit your property and it will also complement your modern building;
  • A combination of chain link and wooden slats – the solution is great for properties that need privacy. The choice of wood will be what determines the overall look of this fence type, so you should not worry about the industrial look, wood can make any fence look elegant.