The two main types of residential gates are swing gates (also called hinged or pivoting gates) and sliding gates. Each of these two types of gates can be automated, as long as they are prepared from a constructive and mechanical point of view to receive motorization and to be transformed into electric gates.

Sliding gates occupy a minimal area compared to other gates, which makes them ideal even for smaller residential properties. This type of automatic gate is mounted on the inside of the fence, parallel to it, so that it can slide back and forth by opening the gate. The gate slides along a metal rail using rollers, which are installed at the bottom to support it.

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Swing gates work like a swing door – based on the open and close principle. They are hinged to one side and able to go through a 90 degree arc. This means that you need to have enough space available on your property for the gate to be completely opened and closed. Gate installation Denver contractors warn that you also need to be extra careful when using such a gate, to avoid accidents, as people or vehicles can be hit or caught in the gate`s movement.