Planting things in your garden is great for giving your yard a natural feel, a beautiful appearance and a healthier, more harmonious atmosphere. And as lately people have started planting a lot of things near their privacy fences as a fashion statement, some of the best fence company Denver professionals affirm that it’s important to draw attention to the more problematic planting practices that might cause problems to your fence company in Denver - landscaping tips

So here are a few types of plants you should avoid planting near your fence for more or less obvious reasons:

  • Plants that need a lot of sunlight: When you plant anything near your fence, it’s a good idea to consider the layout of your fence and garden and how well the plants will be able to receive sunlight. Most of the time, being near to a fence means the plant will only get about half the sunlight it normally would, so it’s a better idea to go with plants that require partial shade to thrive.
  • Flowers, herbs and trees that need a significant amount of water: Water is great for plants, but it’s not so good for a wooden or metal fence. In time, any kind of coating will come off, and your fence might succumb to rust or mold pretty quickly.
  • Herbs that attract a lot of unwanted insects: Insects are not harmful for metal fences, but they can do a lot of damage when they make their homes near or inside other materials – especially wood.