fencing companies Denver

The fence is an investment that you surely do not want to make once every few years, so it is essential to know what the most durable fencing materials are. Here are some recommendations from reputable fencing companies in Denver to help you make an informed decision.

Metal fence

A metal fence is versatile, combining beautifully with natural materials and landscapes, and its service life can last up to 50 years. Compared to wooden fences, which degrade with time by exposure to moisture, metal fences are much more resistant, and their maintenance is easier.

Concrete fence

A concrete fence is poured into a solid form, which makes it very sturdy and able to withstand extreme weather conditions, being a particularly durable option. This type of fencing is a suitable choice for those who want to emphasize protection, safety and privacy. It can also look beautiful, especially if it is combined with a metal or wrought iron fence.

Composite wood fence (WPC)

This is a newer fence model, simple to maintain and very durable over time. It withstands moisture very well, as well as ultraviolet radiation, mold, insects and temperature variations. Moreover, upon request, WPC profiles can be fireproof, increasing the resistance to flame several times compared to impregnated wood.