How do you get a new fence installed around your property? Even if you do not plan to build and install it yourself, you should know the typical steps in wood fence installation. This will allow you to monitor your contractor and make sure that they do a professional job and complete it on time.

Ozark Fence - wood

Here are the key steps used by Ozark Fence (found here, for installing a wood fence:

  1. Measure and Mark the Position for Fence Posts

Posts give a wood fence its strength. They must be planned carefully along the lines of the fence and at its corners.

  1. Dig Holes and Install the Fence Posts

The fence posts are the first to be installed. The contractor will make sure that earth is tightly packed around them to give them stability and strength.

  1. Attach Rails to Posts

Horizontal rails will reinforce the posts and provide extra strength for the pickets. The rails should be perfectly parallel to the soil and installed at appropriate distances depending on the height of the fence. A typical fence has two parallel rails.

  1. Attach the Pickets

The pickets are the last to be installed. They are firmly attached to the rails with nails and arranged at the desired distance to one another.

  1. Applying Sealant or Primer

The last step in installing a wood fence is treating it with a water repellent coating that will protect the wood from rotting.