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When you want a new fence, the whole issue of having it installed is far less problematic than the legal ramifications. Depending on the property you live on, it’s possible that the homeowners’ association (HOA) will have something to say about your project. In many cases, fencing issues arise when it comes to two particular concerns: the lack of building permission and the improper definition of where the fence should be placed in terms of the dividing lines between properties.

To put it simply, if you begin to install a fence without any knowledge of what paperwork and permission you should get, the project could be considered illegitimate. The HOA or your neighbor could sue you for a lot of money. Also, that can happen if you go ahead with the project thinking that you know where the actual boundary line between your property and that of your neighbor’s should be.

As a result, great care has to be taken whenever you think about working on a DIY fencing project or hiring a contractor. Ozark Fence contractors suggest that if you don’t know what’s best, it’s important to discuss the project with them and your HOA at the same time. Then you will be able to clarify the permissions and the layout of the fence before the project gets underway. Once work gets started, you can simply relax, knowing that your project was accepted as legitimate.