A wrought iron fence is an iconic sight popular for houses, buildings, and parks. Out of the several fencing materials and options out there, an iron fence in Denver is a local favorite. If you need some extra help deciding what your fence should be, consider these pros and cons when it comes to choosing iron.

The Pros Of Iron Fencing

Considering the positive aspects of iron fencing is just as important as weighing out the negatives. A wrought iron fence is an excellent solution to many common problems that are found with other mainstream fencing options, like wood or chain.

Durable & Long Lasting

When compared to wood, an iron fence has a lot more longevity to its lifespan. They’re built to handle intense weather conditions as well as wear and tear over time, and a well-maintained iron fence will out live any other.

Popular & Versatile

The timeless aesthetic of wrought iron is one that is tracked back through the decades and always stays in style. Iron fencing can come in a massive variety of designs, styles, and purposes so it’s a versatile material that fits any setting.

Extremely Secure

Just by looking at an iron fence, you can see the obvious security differences. Chain fences are easily cut, wood is easy to climb, and vinyl or bamboo can be knocked aside. None of this is possible with iron, and it has a great method of deterrence with pointy pires.

No Pest Problems

Wooden fences are iron’s biggest rival, but iron prevails because you’ll never have to worry about termites and other bugs eating through your materials. In the summer, tons of insects like to hang around low quality materials but an iron fence deals with none of this.

The Cons Of Iron Fencing

The downsides to iron fencing are usually based around costs, since most of their positive sides attribute to everything else. Not every budget can handle iron fencing, especially over a lot of ground. You need to decide if the price is worth the benefit at the end of the day.


Unfortunately, paying for wrought iron gets expensive fast. The more square feet you’re covering, the more your bank will you hate you for it. There are other kinds of metal you can use instead of wrought iron, but the appeal of iron takes many by heart.

Difficult Fence Installation

Putting up an iron fence on your own is relatively impossible. You’ll need to hire professional installation guides and that will come at a price. Some companies may offer this installation for a small fee, or have it included in the base price of their fencing.

Requires More Maintenance

The longevity of an iron fence depends on your ability to keep up with the maintenance on it. All fences will require special treatment, but failing to do so will be costly with iron. Repairs on iron fencing can be expensive, so keeping up with the coating and cleaning of your fence is key.