Sometimes, you have to make a decision on what is best for your yard, whether it be to contain your dog within the property, or to keep people out of it; debating on what type of fencing material to use can be an odd subject to have to decide on. Here we will discuss the good and the bad on chain link fencing, and why it may or may not be your best option when having to build a fence for whatever reason.


  • More affordable- Using chain link fence is probably the most affordable way to go about fencing your property. You can either install the fence yourself, whether you have experience installing fence or not, or you can hire someone to do the job for you if you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself.
  • They’re safe- Whether you’re using the chain link fencing to contain your children or animals within your backyard, or to keep intruders from trespassing, chain link is the safest way to go. You can clearly see through the fence, so you can know what’s happening on the other side, rather than have something solid blocking your view.
  • Aesthetically pleasing- You have many different options on how to enhance your chain link fence’s appearance, such as covering them with black or colored vinyl, or using the California style chain link that has wooden rails and posts while offering different designs as well. Plain chain link fence is also more pleasing to the eye, simply because it just looks better and the symmetrical properties as well.
  • Virtually no maintenance- This is pretty self explanatory. When you have chain link fence, you don’t really have to maintain it at all. It’s convenient for those who work often or just don’t have time to care for it.


  • Lack of privacy- Being able to see the other side of the fence may be beneficial in some instances, but not everyone is crazy about the idea that others may see into their yard. If you have an issue with a nosy neighbor, or just want privacy, you might not want to get chain link fencing.
  • Appearance- Enhancing the appearance of chain link fencing isn’t possible for everyone, and not everyone is satisfied with the simple appearance of untouched chain link fencing. Without vinyl or some other upgrade, you may just not like how the fence looks.
  • Residential security- Chain link fencing has been used in industrial and manufacturing settings, built very tall and equipped with barbed wire on top to ensure ultimate security, but that doesn’t typically happen when it comes to residence. It will do the job keeping things within the fence, but it isn’t incredibly difficult to breach chain link fencing when you’re trying to get in. If security is what you’re looking for, you may not want to use chain link.

With these pros and cons, you should be able to easily decide whether chain link is the best option for your fencing needs. You can find all sorts of resources for chain link fencing in Denver, it’s super simple and worth your time!