While wood, stone and cement are the most traditional materials used for building fences, the market of fencing materials offers a wide choice, with new, modern materials that come with as much aesthetic value and durability as classic solutions.

commercial fencing Denver leaders install vinyl fencing

Here are some of these new options highlighted by commercial fencing Denver leaders:

  • Vinyl – the material has been around for several decades, but in the beginning, the vinyl planks and panels tended to become easily damaged by UV radiations and they were also sensitive to impact. The vinyl available today is much stronger, much more durable (many varieties come with lifetime guarantee) and it comes in a much wider variety of colors, shapes, sizes and styles than in the past;
  • Composite – another modern material, composite is made from plastic polymers and wood fibers and it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fence that resembles wood, but is much cheaper than the natural material;
  • Aluminum – while metal is among the classic materials used for fencing, in the past, metal fences meant fencing made from iron or steel. Aluminum is among the most attractive, most durable material choices available today, a rust-proof option that will preserve its great looks without requiring any special maintenance.