horizontal Denver fence

Horizontal fencing first appeared around farms to herd cattle in. But over the years, this simple and efficient design became increasingly popular, expanding to other types of fences. It is now used for both commercial and residential fences, because it allows a lot of creativity in terms of materials, designs and colors.

Here are some horizontal Denver fence design ideas:

  1. The Rustic Style

Resembling a mountain chalet design, rustic horizontal fencing adds a homey note to residential properties. Usually made of natural wood, rustic style horizontal fences are easy to install by a professional contractor. While a coating is primer is recommended to protect the wood from weather elements, specialists recommend a leaving the natural wood grain visible.

  1. The Minimalist Style

Made of vinyl and favoring neutral color, minimalist horizontal fences add style to a modern home. The tiles are usually installed one above the other, without any gap between them. The solid continuity of the fence also offers maximum privacy.

  1. The Tongue and Groove Picket Style

Although this type of horizontal fence is more commonly seen around commercial properties, it can be also adapted for residential homes, especially for the delimitation of the property on the sides and at the back.