wrought iron fence Denver

Iron is a malleable but also hard metal. Therefore, people who want high-quality fences choose models of iron and wrought iron over models of other materials. The quality and durability of an iron fence exceed its acquisition and installation costs.

A long lasting wrought iron fence Denver fencing contractors recommend offers safety and durability. Depending on the height and design you choose for your fence, it can provide privacy and security and a unique look for the entire property.

This type of fencing is very solid, challenging to climb, and almost impossible to break. It is highly resistant when it comes to extreme weather events. Bad storms can put on the ground more fragile fences, such as those made of PVC or aluminum, but an iron fence will withstand high winds and snow loads.

Tensile strength represents the maximum stress that a tension structure can sustain. It is between 240 -350 MPa in the case of wrought iron and between 130-262 in the case of unforged iron. In comparison, the traction resistance in the case of aluminum is only 35-90 MPa and 50-75 Mpa in the case of PVC.

So, if you worry about the security of your property during bad storms, an iron fence is the best option!