Aside from the rustic beauty of a split rail fence and its ability to improve your property’s curb appeal, there are many practical aspects of installing one of these fences as well. A split rail fence company in Denver is equipped to provide you with all the right information about your new fence, as well as helping you to get it installed as quickly as possible.

split rail fence Denver

Split rail fences feature horizontal wooden fencing elements kept in place by sturdy posts that are fastened to the ground. Split rail fences are not used for security or privacy in most cases, and are considered a good option for keeping animals confined in a petting zoo or on a ranch. Sometimes the posts are as far apart as 10-11 ft. and the fence itself is more decorative in its function.

Depending on what you need, a distinguished split rail fence Denver contractor might have to offer more practical solutions. If you have smaller animals then the fence has to be designed to keep them confined, so its dimensions and specifications might be different. A better locking mechanism can prevent the gate from being opened too easily, and the fence can also be designed to come with advanced hi-tech features.