Building a new picket fence for your home can take some time. Aside from the materials, you also need good tools to dig and fasten the posts into the ground, as well as to assemble panels and make sure the entire construction is sturdy enough. Also, depending on how long your fence is, whether or not it will have to make any unnatural turns, and whether or not you might have to tackle some difficult terrain, the amount of time required for installing a picket fence can vary a lot.

Painting your fence is also an important task, and if you want your picket fence to last longer, you might also want to add a special coating that will protect it from sunlight, discoloration, insects and bad weather conditions.

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Typical vinyl and wood fence panels tend to be about 8 feet long in most cases, while the distance between fence posts can’t be more than 96 inches. For picket fences, the distance is usually much smaller and the number of posts is greater, so that will significantly slow your progress if you want to do the job right.

As a result, most builders of wood fences in Denver will provide you with an estimate of about 2-4 days depending on how large your property is and how many challenges will arise along the way. If you need a standard picket fence around a 100-200 square foot yard, you can expect the job to last about 3 days at most.