Has researching your new fence gotten you confused yet? You’ll find a lot of problems can stem from not knowing the proper terminology when it comes to fencing and how to install and choose the right type of fence in your yard. If you don’t know much about common fencing terms, stick around. We’ll cover a few and show you just how important it is to talk to a knowledgeable fencing expert before you get your new fence.

You might already know that fence posts can be connected through horizontal bars that maintain the structural integrity of the fence. In fact there are quite a few fencing styles that use this approach. But did you know what the bars themselves are called? Commonly they are known as fence rails or backer rails. In some cases, they can also be called fence stringers. These rails connect the posts with fasteners and depending on the height of the fence, you might have two or more parallel rails running between the posts.

Everyone knows about the traditional white picket fence. Pickets are known to wood fences Denver specialists as slats or boards, and they pretty much make up most of the body of the fence, being available in multiple styles, shapes and materials, and featuring both horizontal and vertical layouts.

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You might have also heard of the base of the fence, where the posts are secured to the ground, as well as the capping, which is a decorative rail that prevents water from soaking your fence. If you want to know more about common fencing terms, ask your local wood fences Denver Ozark Fence specialists, and you’ll find they will be very helpful.