Building a fence involves more than choosing the style and the material, creating the design and installing the fence – your fence will need to comply with complex regulations, including not only local building codes, but the homeowner’s association covenant for your neighborhood as well.

HOA regulated Denver fence requirements

Here are some common HOA regulated Denver fence features that may be addressed by a HOA covenant – you will have to comply with them all, otherwise you risk having to take down your new fence:

  • The location of your fence – your HOA regulation will tell you exactly how far from your property line you will need to place your fence or whether you can build the fence directly on the line;
  • The height of the fence – you have surely noticed that most fences in your neighborhood are about the same height. That’s because the applicable regulations tell homeowners how tall their fences should be;
  • The fence material – HOAs usually strive to achieve a harmonious appearance, therefore they decide what materials can and cannot be used for the fences in the particular neighborhood;
  • The color of the fence – the consistent style of a neighborhood is given not only by the materials used and the height of the structures, but also by the colors used, so be prepared to have color-related regulations to observe as well.