The role of a fence is to protect your private property while also keeping your children safe. Fences are elements of exterior design which complement the beauty of a home and can contribute to its well-being in general. This design can vary, depending on the paint, landscaping, etc.

A very important part for creating the general appearance of a fence is how you choose the direction of the boards. This can be done either horizontally, or vertically. Fences with boards which are directed vertically are very sturdy, strong and adaptable. Therefore, it can create a homey and traditional look.

horizontal fences in Denver

Nevertheless, boards which are directed vertically certainly can create a more contemporary look to your fence and your home in general. In fact, vertical fences are the most commonly found type of fence. This type of fence is recommended for uneven ground, even on slopes. In case the ground is even, you can use pre-fabricated panels or boards, which are generally 6 feet tall.

As far as horizontal fences are concerned, they require less lumber, because there is no need for stringers. Horizontal fences in Denver tend to be more expensive than vertical fences, because they need a higher quality lumber, in order to prevent the boards from sagging.