If you’re bent on fixing the fence yourself, it’s important to have at least some prior knowledge and experience working with similar materials. For a wooden fence that’s not much of a problem, as most of us have worked with wood even as part of a crafting class or just to fix a faulty door. However, depending on how your fence was built and what it’s made from, that won’t be such an easy task.

For chain link fences, the issue has to do with how to piece the metal back together in such a way that it will remain sturdy and keep intruders out. When there’s a hole in your chain link fence, you have to be able to use tie wire and a replacement piece of chain link to patch up the hole. You can do that through careful measurements and cutting an accurate size piece around the hole that you can then use to measure and cut out an equally sized piece of a newly purchased chain link as a replacement.

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Once you’re done, prepare the tie wire and have someone help you to keep the new piece right on the hole that was left in the fence. Then use pliers to wrap the aluminum tie wires first around parts of the top section of the hole, then going down to the bottom part gradually. This type of work can be done in just a few hours with some basic tools. However, if you’ve really had no prior experience working with wires, or you have physical health problems, get the help of a skilled chain link Denver fences expert.