Wood can be one of the best materials in terms of versatility, as it can be used for several different styles, including traditional, farm-style, and modern properties. Colorado is known for its often harsh and unpredictable weather, like hail storms, high winds, etc. So apart from choosing an aesthetic fence, you should also make sure it is durable.

Denver fence contractors

Popular Denver fence contractors tell us that wood fences in Denver can be made of cypress, redwood, cedar, and so on. In this respect, cedar is among the most popular choice and works best for those who need a privacy fence. It has a straight grain with very few knots and has a beautiful hue and a pleasant scent. Cedar contains natural oils which keep insects and other pests at a distance. And, of course, regular maintenance can make your cedar fence last longer.

Redwood is also highly resistant to insects, shrinking and decaying. It has a beautiful, natural luster which makes it even more desirable. However, redwood costs more than cedar, which is why it is typically used for smaller areas. This type of wood can take protective coatings such as paints or stains.

Cypress can be another good choice for your Denver fence. This type of wood contains creatine, which protects against insects.