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Choosing good colors for your fence can be challenging, especially if you choose certain types of wood that should be better protected from exposure to intense sunlight. Depending on where you live, that simple aspect can greatly limit your ability to choose from a more flexible range of colors, especially the darker ones.

When you choose the stain you want for your fence, some of the most popular fence builders Denver has recommend that it’s a good idea to make sure that it will offer the protection you need and extend your fence’s life. For that purpose, the material and the color has to be chosen to reflect sunlight efficiently (lighter color hues) and allow rainwater to flow away rather than being absorbed.

In terms of the design, using lighter colors can limit your options a bit, but they can still work for many applications. If your house has shades of green and blue, you could consider painting your fence in light green combined with white or just use a completely white stain. If it has darker or warmer colors, the contrast of red and orange or the use of a light brown or yellow tone for your stain will do the trick to match the color to your house and still keep your fence protected.