If you live in a windy area, it can be a real challenge to your yard. There are various ways to create protection and to reduce the impact of wind.

Without natural protection, exposed yards can be affected by strong winds, which are not just annoying, but can especially affect plants in their development cycle, preventing seedlings from taking root and stopping the growth of trees and shrubs. The soil in which the plants grow may also suffer from drying out due to the wind.

The good news is that you can use some structures to prevent these problems.

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Planting a green fence

Planting a green fence around your property will create a natural barrier which reduces the speed of the wind, protecting the plants in the garden and providing shelter to the creatures living in it. Natural fences can take the form of a hedge or a row of trees, so it can be created in most yards.

Garden screens can also be installed in the yard to create sheltered places and microclimates.

Using garden screens and woven fences

You may not have the space to plant rows of trees and shrubs to repel the wind, nor the patience to wait for them to grow. Instead, you can use garden screens and woven fences, just as effectively. There are models with a natural rustic look, which creates the perfect background for any garden decor and work well in contrast to the various shades of green, at the same time offering the protection you need from wind. Experienced fence builders in Denver can survey your property and give you good suggestions about what would work best with your property and budget.