As far as fencing systems are concerned, people are faced with a multitude of good choices, from wood to vinyl, wrought iron, chain link fences, split rail fences, etc. Each type of fence has its very own advantages and disadvantages, and because of that, choosing the best fence for your home or commercial property is a complex matter.

Wood fences are still popular in the Denver area, not only because they look good, but also because, if they are properly maintained, they can last for a long time. And into this category of wooden fences there can actually be included several different types of wood.

wood fences Denver

Given the Colorado climate, we can speak of three main types of wood fences in Denver: cedar, cypress and redwood.

Cedar is the best choice for privacy fences. It has fewer knots and straight grain; it also has a very pleasant hue, which makes very popular among Denver homeowners. But unlike treated wood, cedar tends to rot after a certain period of time, namely after a few years in the humid soil.

Cypress contains cypretine, a natural substance which has the power to keep insects away. Because of that, cypress fences last longer.