The cold season can be quite unpredictable. And temperature fluctuations can do a lot of harms to one’s garden, so it is very important to know how to protect it from bad weather events.

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In demand commercial fencing Denver builders offer these 5 basic ways to protect your garden from the elements:

  1. Use mulch –this is one of the best ways to keep you plants warm and also well-hydrated all throughout the year. We could say that a mulch layer is like a warm blanket which covers your garden during the cold winter days. You can add a 3-5 inch layer of mulch after the first freeze.
  2. Water your garden in winter also. But the secret to that is to check the weather forecast and do the watering at least 24 hours prior to any announced freezing.
  3. Keep sensitive trees protected –this means using stakes to help them get properly stabilized in the ground.
  4. Do not allow pumps to freeze –in fact, it would be better to remove the pump and store it away for winter.
  5. You should move in containers those plants which are less resistant to outside cold, and probably replant them in your garden when next spring arrives.