Having a split rail fence is a good idea for several reasons. This type of fence has been around for centuries, it is long lasting, it has a nice rustic look and it is easy to install, considering that it requires no nails, fence staples or other installation accessories.

A split rail fence consists of wooden posts with two or three rails. This is the standard, but there can be variations.

split rail fence company in Denver

A split rail fence company Denver expert has a couple good things to say about this type of fencing. Such a fence will mark your property lines simply and efficiently, which is especially favorable in the case of large farms or ranches, providing a clear visual reference for the property`s end lines. Being made of wood and having a 100% natural look, a split rail fence will integrate perfectly into the natural beauty of the land.

Regardless its simple aspect, such a fence will actually match various exteriors without clashing, precisely due to its simplicity. It will definitely add an aesthetic flair to the piece of land it is installed on, regardless its size.

Besides, it can be upgraded with wire, in which case it will keep your garden protected from rodents, provide more steady froth for your flowers and even deter larger predators.

A split rail fence – in its basic and upgraded version – is low cost, compared to other types of fences.