With a uniform and straight structure, cedar is one of the lightest species of workable trees. It has no surface irregularities, which makes it great for both manual and mechanical processing, it does not crack during the installation of fasteners, it is easy to process with the saw and holds the nails very well.

cedar fence Denver installation

The beauty of cedar fences is one reason why they are so popular. Cedar fences can enhance the look of a garden and of the entire property. These types of fences are resistant to insect infestation and not afraid of rain, high humidity and extreme temperatures.

Cedar fence Denver installers confirm that a wooden fence, which is maintained regularly, can last about 20 years. But this life expectancy could increase significantly if you use high quality wood. Some species of wood have better properties than others and are known for their special characteristics when used in the construction of fences. Cedar is one of them.

Cedar is resistant to many diseases that tend to affect ordinary wood used in the construction of fences. Its attractive appearance is appreciated by many people, and its natural ability to withstand rot and moisture makes it ideal for being used in the manufacturing of fence posts.